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Who We Are

Not Church As Usual

If you are looking for a regular or normal church, this is not it! Many of us have been burned in life by friends, family, and especially religion. Because of this, we at Joshua's Crossing have worked to preserve what we call "Not Church As Usual".


We have discovered that our identity is not found in a church- it’s found in Jesus Christ. He has changed our lives and we are eternally grateful! We’re not a church full of perfect people, and we are certainly not pretending to be perfect either. We know we need Him and we need each other.


We are a family, and we would love for you to join us!

See you Sunday.


Our 3 Pillars

From the beginning, our church has been built on these three pillars. Everything we say, do, and live reflects them and the Savior who modeled them for us first.



We unconditionally love every single person that walks through our doors.



We accept everyone as they are, no matter where they are in life.



Our foundation is and always will be the truth that is found in the Word of God.

Our 4 Commitments

Every JC Partner is committed to these four habits. These are not just weekend activities; we live them out each and every day.

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