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Our Leadership Team is responsible for guiding Joshua's Crossing and making decisions for the future.

John Matey

Lead Pastor

  • John is the Lead Pastor for Joshua's Crossing and Chief Sports Update Giver.

  • He was born just miles away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH and grew up in Seattle, WA. He graduated from Trinity Baptist College (Jacksonville, FL) in 1996.

  • After serving in several churches in Florida and Texas, the Lord brought John and his family to Texoma to become the pastor of Joshua's Crossing in 2011. 

  • John is married to his wife of 26 years, Colleen, and has three handsome boys and a beautiful daughter.

  • He likes to play sports (especially basketball and soccer), watch epic movies including Braveheart and Legends of the Fall, and root for all the Dallas professional sports teams.


John Breeze

Journey Group Coordinator

  • John served in the U.S. Army for 23 years. After retirement, John moved to practicing civil law for the LeCrone Law Firm.

  • John studied at the Oklahoma City School of Law and graduated with a B.A. of Political Science from Phillips University. 

  • He and his lovely wife, Jill, have 3 sons together, James, Kody, and Johnny, and also have 9 grandchildren.

  • The Breeze family loves movies, with John's favorites being ALL of John Wayne's films. There is also a long-running tradition in the Breeze family of dressing as characters from a galaxy far far away to catch the premier of every new Star Wars blockbuster!


Eric Benge

Worship Leader

  • Eric is a veteran of leading worship, doing so for multiple churches as well as with the stand alone band Transparency from 2008 to 2013. 

  • Today he is the leader of the Joshua's Crossing Band on Sunday mornings, playing keys and leading vocals.

  • Eric and his wife Erika have four sons, Aidan, Axton, Atlas, and Ander and are planning on having many more! 

  • Eric has many passions, but most of all he loves watching and playing sports. Baseball is his sport of choice, which means he loves coaching his son Aiden's baseball team and watching his hometown Kansas City Royals in the summer. In addition, he has a penchant for balancing random objects on his chin, with anything from chairs to ladders and tables being fair game!


Cindy "Boaty" Boatright

Catalyst Project Team and Missions Team

  • Boaty has been involved in youth ministry for over 3 decades, including 13 years serving as a leader of JC's youth program.

  • She's been in the construction business for many years, and her task-oriented personality helps keep the youth program "on time and under budget".

  • Boaty is a huge Dallas Mavericks fan, and can often be found at the games near the court taking in the season as it goes on. She's a big Dirk Nowitzki fan, but she has a special place in her heart for JJ Barea as well!


Jake Hulsey

Leadership Team

  • Like many of our Leadership Team, Jake has shown incredible dedication to the cause of Christ and Joshua's Crossing with he and his wife serving the church for the better part of the past decade.

  • Jake is married to Natalie and together they have two children, Luke and Reagan. 

  • Being the owner of Lindsay Glass, Jake has a full plate at all times, but he does have a few moments for a couple hobbies. His main sports of choice are golf and pool, both of which he excels at!

Zac Grantham

Greeter Team and Media Team

  • Widely known around Texoma as the voice of the Katy Country AM Show, Zac has called Joshua's Crossing his family's church home for over 6 years.

  • Zac is married to Jenny Grantham and they have two amazing boys together, Kaden and Rhett.

  • When he is not drumming or deejaying, Zac enjoys watching sports and playing with his kids. Zac is a diehard fan of the Texas Rangers, and has a definite love for the 90's Dallas Cowboys he grew up with which he carries to this day.


Melody Peters

Missions Coordinator and The Bridge Leader

  • Melody has impacted the lives of students in Texoma for 33 years through teaching ESL and special education. She has two degrees; one from Texas A&M Commerce in Special Education and another from East Texas Baptist University in Elementary Education.

  • She has two sons, Jonah and Jacob, and a daughter, Jess. Melody also loves being an awesome "YaYa" to her 4 grandkids.

  • While Melody fills up nearly every moment of her spare time in service to others, like Boaty, you can sometimes catch her at a Mavs game too. Her favorite candy bars are Heath and Butterfingers, and she also has the odd talent of being able to hold a straw inside her mouth and turn it completely inside out!


Jess Peters

Catalyst Project Team and Media Team

  • Jess has lived in Sherman for the majority of her life, graduating Sherman High School Class of 2005.

  • She has extensive graphic design experience and is responsible for much of the visual production seen on Sunday mornings in addition to JC's website and social media pages. Jess also enjoys photography, running her own business, SnapShots.

  • Jess loves Jesus, family, friends, and food! Her favorite candy is gummy bears, which she says she can eat "all day, every day". The Rangers and Mavs are her ball clubs, but she despises the Cowboys, preferring to wave Pittsburg's Terrible Towel instead.

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