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7 - 8:30

Changing Our

JC Youth is a group of middle and high school students who are dedicated to changing their world through the spreading of the love of Jesus and making a home that can be found at Joshua's Crossing.

Trey Matey
Youth Pastor
One Student
At A Time

At JC Youth, every student is important. Each of them have their own life experiences and hardships. They are not numbers or nameless faces; each of them are children of God. That is why JC Youth strives to be a home and a place of rest for every student who needs one.


Our goal is always focused on one thing: making disciples. The journey for our students does not end at the doors of the church; it begins! Together, both leaders and students of JC Youth are working to change our world for the cause of Christ, and that begins inside each of us. We are all committed to serving, giving, sharing the Word, and doing life together as all healthy Christians should!

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