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Rule Changes For 2021 Season

  • Changed Passing Touchdowns from 4 pts to 6pts

  • Changed trade deadline to Week 10

  • Reduced IR spots from 4 to 2. Doubtful players are now eligible for an IR spot, Suspended players are INeligible.

  • Changed playoff format to a single-elimination 4 team intra-divisional bracket beginning in Week 15 followed by a winner-take-all four-way matchup between all bracket winners in Week 17. The highest scoring team in Week 17 is the league champ.

  • New rule locking all roster moves for non-playoff teams after Week 14. Benches will then expand by 5 spots. Playoff teams will have the days between Week 14 and Week 15 games to bid on free agents before their playoff roster is locked at the start of Week 15. No further acquisitions will be processed after Week 15.

  • (Division B only) Added a "Dummy Team" in place of a 12th owner. The Dummy Team will auto-draft with other players in order to keep the talent pool consistent across all divisions, but will not set a starting lineup each week. Instead, the Dummy Team will have a set weekly score of 115 points, which was about the average points expected for a .5PPR team in 2020. Players will matchup against the Dummy Team as if it were any other team owner. The Dummy Team cannot make any roster moves. 

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